What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pads are also known as white pouches, they are less harmful and are a great alternative to regular chewing leaf. There is no significant difference in the effect, but the positive feature is that they do not stain teeth, they do not have unpleasant aftertaste and odors. This excellent result is achieved only because it does not contain leaf, but only nicotine.
Nicotine bags allow you to give up psychological addiction smoking leaf cigarettes smoking vape creating steam.
On the other hand, for people who are addicted to nicotine, the pads allow it to be used where it is not possible to smoke or work, and to do it discreetly, respecting others. Reduce nicotine strength by using the lowest nicotine pads.

The health effects of nicotine pads are incomparable to those of cigarettes, so it is a better alternative with less negative health effects. A study on its legality, approved by the European Commission, can be found here.
Nicotine pads are not leaf products and are intended only for smokers and nicotine users over the age of 18.