About us


SnusCore started its journey on the 1st of May by rebranding from Pouchy Europe. Our team has put in the work redesigning the visual identity and the result is powerful.
We are a nicotine pouch online retailer that has fast delivery in European countries. Combined with cost-efficient prices and great customer support team. 
One thing is for sure - Snuscore is versatile. We provide a wide range of nicotine pouches with 4-150 mg/g strength and nicotine-free products.
Why nicotine pouches? If cigarette smokers use the nicotine in pouches as a complete substitute for the nicotine in cigarettes to stop smoking, this would greatly reduce their health risks, does not emits a smell and stain teeth.
We are building a long-term relationship with our customers who are looking for a leaf-free lifestyle.